So what's this shop about?

It's a small, independant, locally own store, named Spanish Peaks Outfitters llc. We are dedicated to provide the best products are the best price, adapted to most activities.

Through this website, we hope to share our passion for the outdoor, the love for the Spanish Peaks region and help you find the best gear for your next adventure.

How to find us

Spanish Peaks Wilderness

A.k.a Wahatoya Region

In Southern Colorado, there's an immense area where few go. Some enjoy the Nature, away from the crowded trails and resorts. Some come for the adventure. Some even stay.

For active outdoor people

Hiking, Moutain biking or road bike riding, hunting, backcountry skiing or snowboarding, motorcycle rides... and many more activities for outdoor lovers.

Explore our activity Map.

Oh, how about resting?

There is plenty of space out here

More relaxed activities are very enjoyable in this quiet world : camping, fishing, stargazing, birdwatching, history and museum visiting... busy relaxing.