Astronomy & stargazing

La Veta offers the best stary dark nights for several reasons. It's remote enough from any large city, and benefits from a relatively high elevation and dry atmosphere in summer. And thanks to a "dark sky" policy, La Veta offers some of the best starry sky for everyone to enjoy. Just get out and look up. Improvised startgazers and die-hard amateurs astronomers love the Spanish Peaks region.

In the Spanish Peaks Outfitter's store, you won't find any telescope, but everything else to make your stargazing experience confortable and enjoyable : hats, gloves, mosquito repellant, clothing, energy bars, etc. And make you look good too!

the ROCKY MOUNTAIN STAR STARE is an annual event held near Gardner, sponsored by the Colorado Springs Astronomical Society. Each June, RMSS plays host to 350+ amateur and professional astronomers, family, and friends. June 2019 26th to 30th - more details on the RMSS website