It's your responsibility to respect the law when accessing public and private land.

The SPO online map and its underlying geospatial data are intended to depict physical features as they generally appear on the ground and are not intended to be used to determine title, ownership, legal boundaries, legal jurisdiction (including jurisdiction over roads or trails), or access restrictions that may be in place on either public or private land.

Obtain permission before entering private lands and check with appropriate government offices for restrictions that may apply to public lands.

Designation of a road, trail, or area should not be interpreted as an invitation to all types of travel or as an implication that the road, trail, or area is passable, actively maintained, or safe for travel. Seasonal weather conditions and natural events may render designated roads, trails, and areas impassable for extended periods. Many designated roads, trails, and areas may be passable only by high-clearance or four-wheel drive vehicles. Maintenance of designated roads, trails, and areas will depend on available resources and many may receive little maintenance.